Talent Pipeline

Hire the "Best and Brightest" to be your Organization's Next Generation of IT Talent

There are two main reasons for the technology talent gap in today's industry: Lack of Skills & Lack of Experience. Fenway Group bridges that gap with a patent-pending mentorship process that creates a talent pool of qualified professionals. Our Model accelerates and guides consultants through maturity levels building them into "The Best and Brightest". The immediate result is the delivery of superior work effort, extraordinary blend of talent at an attractive cost, and a talent pool from which clients can hire.

  • Provide the "right" kind of experience that benefits companies requiring industry-specific knowledge
  • Consultants deliver on client-assigned inventory of work with Coach/Contributors
  • Coach/Contributors mentor consultants on a minute-by-minute basis to hone practical "real world" skills
  • Corporations consider the model a domestic extension of  their IT organization
  • The skills of consultants is accelerated by a factor of 3 to 5 times

 A key component to a corporate talent pipeline strategy is providing a continuous flow of highly-skilled and qualified job candidates. Fenway Group Considers the following: 

  • Built-in recruitment to align with your talent strategy
  • Risk management assumed by Fenway Group thus ensuring timely delivery
  • Gain access to talent before competitors
  • "No risk" new hires have been proved by workload; this means lower training costs