Fenway Group can help with all aspects of custom software development within your organization, including product vision, project management, code development and testing, and deployment and operational support. Our development community is ready to build or manage all of your code development needs, using the latest technologies and platforms needed to suit your strategies.


Custom Software & Web Application Solutions

Our consultants live and breathe digital code. As fast as the digital space changes, our consultants are mentally running at that pace to ensure the solutions you're offered are not only meeting the needs you have today but will prepare you for the needs that arise tomorrow. We bypass long development cycles with our agile development process that works for your firm now and has the flexibility to grow and evolve as your firm does.

  • Software evaluation and selection
  • Enterprise process and organization design
  • Operational assessments
  • Implementations and upgrades
  • Optimization of solutions
  • Change management
  • Web development in Java or .NET
  • Agile software development training
  • Agile project management
  • Agile developer practices training (TDD, CI, OOA&D, Design Patterns)
  • Onshore outsourced project development


System Integration

When we're finished, your systems will be singing Kumbaya.

We've become experts at bringing diverse components together while leveraging the strengths in each. Our consultants integrate data, applications and your business processes to enable your firm to better share more accurate information.

  • Business-to-business environments
  • Business-to-consumer environments
  • Merging legacy systems
  • Services-oriented architecture
  • Web services
  • Build internet, intranet, and back-end applications
  • Design open and scalable architectures
  • Enable the exchange of information between suppliers and partners
  • Increase visibility into data and processes
  • Improve data sharing
  • Upgrade applications and infrasture


Mobile Web & Application Development

We'll move you to be mobile.

Our candid confessions about the personal relationships we share with our mobile devices will inspire you to see the benefits of becoming mobile. Our consultants' multifaceted understanding and experience in the mobile space will make it easy for you to give your customers what they want when they want it. We work to integrate mobile into everything customers are doing. For us, mobile is immediacy, utility, entertainment, and relevance.

  • Help you make the best business decisions
  • Build the best experience for your users
  • Deliver an online experience where users can get what they want easily and intuitively
  • Front End: HTML, CSS Languages (Java, .Net) Integration: ETL, XML
  • Back End:  SQL, OracleEclipse, Netbeans, Scene Builder, Spring Tools Suite, Visual Studios, SharePoint Designer, Microsoft Excel, Google Web Tools, Apache Ant, Subclipse
  • Mobile Development: Android, IOS, Sencha, Angular JS, Bootstrap


Development Operations

At Fenway Group, we use development operations to create the necessary bridge between operations and development whether new or existing. Development Operations is involved throughout the entire project life-cycle, from design to the deployment process as well as support in production.

Gradle, Git, JBehave, Java, Jenkins, Selenium, Subversion, Tomcat, Websphere