At Fenway Group, we are always looking for individuals with Aptitude, Attitude, and Passion!

  • Aptitude | Demonstrated and communicated ability to approach problems and deliver results with both the ability to utilize skills as well as to learn and adapt
  • Attitude | The desire to be successful and the ability to present that desire
  • Passion | An all-encompassing desire to be enveloped in success

We believe these three traits to be the foundation for our employee's success, not just at Fenway Group but for their professional career path and in life itself.

If you think you have what it takes, don't hesitate. Contact us today!
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Our Culture:

The Fenway culture provides the catalyst that transforms organizations into centers of innovation. This is driven by the People, Process, and Practice and is tailored to each Platform as needed to build out our Service Catalog.



Consultants build and form a foundation for driving change, not reacting to change. This creates a proactive approach to all our engagements. Consultants understand and consider the digital client mind when developing new systems and applications. This simply means that consultants understand the client requirements and are equipped with the process and technologies required to address pressing and continuously changing business needs. 


Each Platform introduces changes to this model. Typically, the changes are not in the model itself but in the content of the model. This varies from a simple exclusion of certain processes to a pick-and-choose to actually going through the definition of a new process to comply to the platform at hand. The result of defining a new platform creates an additional item in our service catalog.



Consultants draw from their immersion in the Agile Philosophy conjoined with development methodologies that encourage teamwork and transparency.  Adding consultants into an organization can be the catalyst for taking that organization to a whole new level of productivity. 



A key aspect Consultants bring and apply from their training is an adaptive development method that iteratively plans for projects as they proceed and later details become clearer. Consultants are flexible, adapting quickly to changing realities and actually thrive in this environment. Consultants' level of execution is quick and intelligent, applying outside-the-box thinking that fosters the creation of unique approaches and new best practices.