If you have a team that makes conference calls, then UberConference is a must. UberConference's ease of use and versatility ranks it among the top conference calling apps that cuts confusion and increases productivity.


UberConference was launched in May of 2012 as a cloud based conference service. It has since added many features that took it from good to great. It allows users to see who joined and share their screens so that it cuts communication errors by showing instead of describing what is happening, real-time call control to manage the conference, call recording to be able to rewatch later and store for personal records, and detailed profiles of each caller with links to their social media if they allow it. This allows UberConference users to fully understand the people they are talking to while communicating with ease to them.


With the free trial, up to ten people can join the call and when they join, they put in their name and can decide whether or not to activate the facecam. This allows some people to be more active in the call or less active, depending on the need. UberConference has a phone app that allows people to be on the go and be in the conference with others who are on a computer.


Some Fenway teams use UberConference to talk to clients and physically show them what they are working on, all in one place. This makes meeting times shorter and more work related without having the pains of troubleshooting problems. My team uses UberConference to talk to our clients and it is the all in one tool that has made it seamless to talk to them. We have had people in a car able to connect to the call and listen in so they didn’t miss a thing.


To learn more about UberConference, visit https://www.uberconference.com


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