There are many testing frameworks that IT developers love to use, but because Spectron is new, many have not explored the functions of it. Spectron is compatible with many testing libraries such as Jasmine, Mocha, AVA, and Chai. Spectron can implement self-run tests so the user does not have to always initiate their test for the applications that they are creating on Electron. Electron also makes Electron and Chromium API's available for the user's test.

Not only is Spectron helpful when working on one application in Electron, but it also makes working on many applications at once easier because of its nature.  Spectron allows for mutiple users working in a group to test apps in the same environment on their computer. With Spectron the users can change the type of tests that they want to run and what they want to check when an application runs. Whenever someone needs to build a simple app on Electron they can easily do so while running Mocha and Spectron in the background with J-unit testing.

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