Email: whether it's for idle gossip, chain mail, or company communication; everyone uses it. Google is definitely one of the largest providers of the service, and it's really easy to see why.

Gmail, Google's email service, is integrated fully with the Google ecosystem. Dates and meetings are dynamically pulled and put on your Calendar with a simple click. With yet another, you're now attending a meeting through the voice feature of the integrated Hangouts service, or even sending instant messages to a co-worker about your current project. Need to look at an attached document on the fly? Gmail will open a wide range of files on the same page, using its integration with Drive. You can even create tabs to separate your work emails from your social ones for increased organization and productivity. Through Gmail your business can have its own domain name in email addresses so that your work force looks that much more organized and professional, without having to worry about maintaining a mail server.  

Gmail is easily forwarded to your phone's native email app, and also has its own easy to use application on both iOS and Android. 

Now, more than ever, time is the most important resource, and getting services to communicate is the number one priority for optimizing time usage at work, Gmail is a panacea for the business-oriented world. 

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